My daily readings 11/18/2010

    • In response to a question from the audience about Twitter empowering people to publish and act as journalists, Williams — who founded Blogger and later sold it to Google — said that “lowering the barrier to publishing” has been something he has spent most of his career on, and this is because he believes that “the open exchange of information has a positive effect on the world — it’s not all positive, but net-net it is positive.”
    •   正是那次对话,让我决定帮助傅盛。这些年,我见过不少有能力的人,但是真正有决心和毅力的,真正有创业精神的,我看到的,只有傅盛一个。过去三年,我一直在做天使投资,敢拿20万创业的人只有傅盛。绝大部分人都是选择在哪家大公司打工,业余时间几个人搞个小项目,拿到投资了再出来。傅盛的决绝和执着深深打动了我。至于后来,有人总是说,傅盛是我从360挖出来的,在这里我澄清一下:在傅盛离开360之前,我还不认识他。
    •   为什么我们选择傅盛做新公司的领头人呢?因为傅盛是一个具备互联网精神的人。什么是互联网精神?我觉得最核心的有三条:





    • I have always been fickle: flitting between phases for more than 20 years; purchasing the most expensive thingamijig to pursue each new craft; being careful not to startle those close to me by using it more than once. Imagine my delight, then, to hear Ira Glass attest to the importance of giving things up:

      Not enough gets said about the importance of abandoning crap.”

    • Abandoning your dwindling hobby, business, relationship, blog, or other pursuit is tricky. Sometimes, though, giving up can be exactly the right thing to do. The thing to take-away from Glass and Godin is this: killing a failing project isn’t an act of destruction — it’s a powerful creative force:

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