My daily readings 11/02/2010

      • Reviews / “Social Marketing”

        • “Giving promo codes to kids to make YouTube reviews. sales shoot up every time”
        • “Commenting on Techcrunch about my apps when there was an article there about a related app.”
        • “The best possible thing is getting a good review on a popular blog. We were profiled positively on TUAW and our sales increased 4000% Unfortunately, that didn’t last, though. Dropping the price to 99 cents has definitely increased our chart placement.”
        • “Twitter and Facebook. Free app for 2 days. Track using Appfigures”
    • So my question is this: would you rather pay for Angry Birds or Angry Birds Pro if they both costed the same and were the same exact app?

      The real question it would seem is should your trial version be called a ‘lite’ version, or should you call your full-version a ‘Pro’ version?

      • It makes me want to have the non-lite version of the app because I don’t want to be seen having the ‘lite’ version. This is good for a couple of reasons.

        1. People will feel a desire to upgrade and pay for the full version of the app, thus removing the ‘lite’ tag from their mind.
        2. It in no unclear terms tells the customer that they are not getting the full-version and as such should not expect the app to be as good as the full version.

        This is why I think so many people have stuck with the ‘lite’ tag for trial versions of apps in the iOS app store – they do not want negative comments because people expected to get a full version of the app.

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