My daily readings 10/28/2010

  • tags: interview

    • The question was designed (4 or 5 years ago now) to just barely require building a distributed system. With the widespread understanding and availability of solid state drives, it is fairly trivial to do in a single box now.
    • I’m looking for quite a few things as we go through the question. The first is their opinion of “a terabyte of data” and “5000 lookups per second.” Do they consider this to be a lot of data, or a fairly boring amount, same with the lookups per second. Leaning either way isn’t a failure, it is just information gathering for me, and referencing it against how you represented yourself in your resume, cover letter, and phone screen
  • tags: Product development

    • I’ve been in the “build->launch->move to next project” loop for some time.

      My projects are mostly based on features that are missing or misimplemented in
      the existing products. Some of the finished projects gone live, tried to sell some,
      some are rotting in the attic.

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