My daily readings 10/19/2010

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    • Ok, I tried deleting and recreating the app. iTunes Connect would not let me choose the same app name again, so I had to take a different one. But now that the bundle ids match, I’m getting a different error when trying to submit: “This bundle is invalid. Apple is not currently accepting applications built with this version of the SDK.”

      How am I going to fix that? I have selected “iOS Device 4.0” as Base SDK, set the configuration to “Release” and selected the distribution profile as Code Signing Identity.

      • Update the Info.plist file in your app.

        1. Set the bundle identifier (if you haven’t already) to YourAppName. (Remove the
 stuff.) The Identifier should not contain spaces or funny
          characters – alphanumeric and dashes are ok.
        2. If you want your app to be named something different on the actual device than its
          name in Xcode, change the “Bundle display name” as well.
        3. Update the bundle version. If this is your first time submitting this app, the
          version number should probably be 1.0.
        4. Be sure the icon file is set.
    • 5. Choose a numeric SKU for your app. This can’t be left blank, and it has to be a unique number for each of your apps. (I usually use YYMM, like 0902, but you can use whatever you want as long as it’s a number.)
    • Release date: This defaults to today, but you can set it to a date in the future* if you like. When your app gets approved, you’ll want to log back into iTunes Connect and reset the release date to the approval date; that way the app will show up at the top of the new releases section of its category. If you fail to do this, then when your app gets approved it’ll show up buried several pages down – not very desirable.

      *if you’re submitting an app UPDATE, however, you shouldn’t touch the release date until you get word that your update has been approved. If you change the release date of an update to sometime in the future, then your CURRENT app will vanish from the app store!

      Finally you’ll get to the summary page, where you can review all the info on your app before submitting it for review. Check to be sure everything looks ok, then click Submit.

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