My daily readings 10/07/2010

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    • You’ve been teaching at Stanford since 1979. Has power dynamics in the workplace changed at all, or is human nature too determinate?

      You could read the prints by Machiavelli and change his references to ancient Italy and [you’d draw the same conclusions]. Yes, human psychology is relative unchanged over time. And it’s universal. One of the interesting challenges in my teaching and writing are people who say, “This is interesting in the U.S. but it would never work in a collectivistic culture like China or India.” Then you send them off to do the case studies and they come back and say, “Things really are the same all over.”

    • I sense you don’t see distinctions between big and small companies.

      I don’t. People think that if they go to work for a startup, it will be less political, but that’s not true. Someone might think: I’m going to go to Silicon Valley [and] my success will be based on my technical success. Well, that might be true for four or five years of your career, especially if there’s a high technical component. But as soon as you move into the managerial ranks, it’s all about interpersonal skill.

    • There was a woman working at a financial management firm in San Francisco, and this firm would occasionally get calls from the press. Most of the people there said, “This isn’t my job. My job is to manage money, not talk with a bunch of dumb reporters.” It was also decided that they should have a firm blog, and she wrote it. She built visibility and her reputation and found herself a very good next job because she’d become the go-to person. And you see this all the time.

      The people who you source in your stories on a regular basis: Are they the “best” or most “brilliant” or are they the most accessible and willing to help you do your job? You see, it really isn’t rocket science.

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