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    • LDT, a master’s program, is a graduate program in the School of Education that focuses on innovating education using state-of-the-art technology and entrepreneurship. Students coming from all fields may enter the program to take classes on business, technology and education, in order to combine the different fields to create a new way to learn.
    • Nearly a year’s worth of design, development and testing culminates in a product that can embody education and technology in any number of ways. This year at the EXPO there was everything from a social networking application to help connect city officials and their voters, to a curriculum designed to help educators teach their students about the Internet, and, most popular of all, educational video games for children.

      One of these video games, Equatia, is a math-based role-playing game, where players have to solve addition and multiplication problems in order to save the princess at the end of a maze.

    • The Equatia team is working with Rocketship Education, a network of charter elementary schools, to bring their game to more students. Motion Math is planning on releasing an entire suite of math-related iPhone apps on the iTunes App Store, all the way from fractions to calculus. SaySo, a social language-learning game, is going to offer its game to users of EnglishCafé, a website that enables English teachers and English learners to find each other online.

      But even though not all the projects will move onto the commercial landscape, it’s clear from the faces on both the adults and the children at the EXPO that this kind of learning experience will soon form the future of education.

      “People get very excited about new technology,” Klein said. “There’s something inherently motivating and delightful about using these new devices. So why wouldn’t we use them to educate?”

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