My daily readings 09/03/2010

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    • First, the ssh client I use, “iSSH” completely fails with a Bluetooth keyboard.
      If you are in any iPad text field, the usual Emacs keybindings work with a real
      keyboard, including Ctrl-A, etc. However, when using iSSH, none of the chord
      keys work. This is just a bug in iSSH, but it’s been around for a long time with
      no sign of a fix, judging from the fora. If the keyboard worked properly with
      iSSH, so that I could ssh in to a server and run a remote Emacs, I’d be able to
      accomplish just about everything I ever need to do remotely. But driving Emacs
      — or even just typing HTML or shell commands — using the on-screen keyboard is
      an exercise in self-abuse.
    • 传统IT卖场成明日花黄,关键因素是IT渠道商的大批撤离或转型。记者了解到,由于IT产业目前处于创新的真空期,没有什么新热点(如当年的闪存盘、MP3、MP4等)出现,加上电子商务的逐步普及,使得渠道商队伍逐步萎缩。“这两年,从电脑城退出的渠道商起码超过了30%的比例。一些经销商是彻底不干了,还有一些是退守写字楼,通过网络拓展业务。”广东电脑商会的工作人员向记者透露。
    • 网络购物市场的火爆,以及国美、苏宁3C卖场的蚕食,也是传统IT卖场经营越来越难的重要原因。“现在装机市场大幅度萎缩,而笔记本电脑、数码产品已成为电脑市场的销售主流,这些产品极适合3C卖场的定位。”苏宁广州总店的一位负责人称,“要不了3年,3C一定会取代如今的电脑城。
    • 哥只到京东新蛋买电脑和配件,国美的东西贼贵
    • 国美和苏宁的电脑及配件比电脑城贵多了。发展的趋势是网上销售
    • 国美还那里美呢,用不了5年,家电市场大半会变成网上销售,有你哭的时候
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    • Twitter has surprised its founders with how useful it has become to a wide variety of people — but the founders are also the first to admit that Twitter’s own Web site has not been the easiest, prettiest or most intuitive to use. “It’s amazing it’s grown so fast given how hard it is to use,” Twitter’s chief executive and co-founder, Evan Williams, said last spring.
    • “Twitter for iPad takes advantage of the iPad’s fluid touch interface, letting you move lots of information around smoothly and quickly –- without needing to open and close windows or click buttons,” wrote Leland Rechis, a user interface designer at Twitter, in a company blog post.
    • People often use Twitter to share links, and one of the annoying things about the 140-character limit for messages is that links that have been shortened, using and other services, do not offer any indication of where they will lead. That is something that Flipboard, another iPad app, is addressing by taking the links in a person’s Twitter and Facebook feeds and adding clips and photos from the linked articles.
    • Another frustrating aspect of Twitter is that it can be difficult to track conversations as people reply and refer to one another, and to find more information about a particular Twitter user without clicking on a bunch of links. The new iPad app addresses that as well. By pinching on a Twitter post on the iPad screen, users can read more about an author and reply to a post. By putting two fingers together and pulling down on a post, people can view the rest of the conversation around the post.
    • Mike McCue, co-founder and chief executive of Flipboard, said he expects people will use both apps: Twitter for iPad for posting on Twitter and monitoring hashtags, and Flipboard for “lean-back discovery and seamless reading of shared articles, photos and videos across all your social networks.”
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    • The iPad app works in ‘layers’ in the sense that each time you drill down into something (a tweet, a user account, etc.), it shows that on top of what you were doing before, but still shows a slim strip on the left so that you can go back to where you were.

      There’s no mixing around, and everything’s entirely linear. That’s different from a windowing system, in which several different things are clamoring for your attention and mixing together.

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    • Panes: Tapping on a Tweet opens a pane to the right. Depending on the content in that Tweet, you’ll see a video or photo, or maybe a news story, or perhaps another Tweet. You can continue tapping on Tweets, opening new panes, and getting new content as long as you’d like to. And, it’s really easy to move between panes by swiping to the right or left.
    • Media: When you tap a video link or open a web page with an embedded video, you can play that video inline. And, let’s be honest, video is great but sometimes it can take some time to load. The panes in Twitter for iPad let you look through your timeline while a video is loading, and then you can just swipe back to the video when it’s ready to play. You can also pinch on a video to watch it fullscreen.
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