My daily readings 08/24/2010

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    • As the iPad and other tablet devices become a go-to device at schools and colleges for consuming textbook content, Inkling is hoping to help publishers capitalize on that growth. Inkling’s platform, which launched today, delivers interactive textbooks that feature the ability to collaborate, add multimedia and communicate within content. Inkling aims to add another layer to online textbooks by adding 3-D objects, video, quizzes, and even social interaction within the content.
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    • Step 1: Think. Next time you approach something new, think of it as an experiment. Be curious, with a healthy sense of detachment. A scientist would say “I don’t know, let’s see what happens,” and so can you!

      Step 2: Try. Decide what you will try in your experiment. Challenge yourself to do something you might not have done before. Think about how will you measure success. How will you enjoy the journey in addition to the outcome?

      Step 3: Learn. Observe what happens and learn from it. The final outcome might be different from your measurement of success. Expect to be surprised.

    • Step: 1: (Think) You are going to a party and only know a few people. So you will try talking to three new partygoers.

      Step 2: (Try) You will try only asking questions, and steering the conversation back to the other person. You will be Sherlock Holmes – curious dectective in search of each person’s passion (everyone has one).

      Step 3: (Learn) Were people willing to answer any questions? Were you able to engage people? Did you find you were surrounded all night? Was it hard to think of questions?

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