My daily readings 07/17/2010

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    • Carry a notepad when you’re on the move if that’s going to work
      for you, but otherwise make sure you’ve a nice note-taking app on
      your phone. Alternatively, carry a small digital voice recorder
      (most phones have these too).

      Writing things down isn’t just about remembering ideas – it’s a
      trigger to act on them. When you’ve had an idea make some time as
      soon as possible to write it down, draw it out and scope it

    • There are some cool tools and apps out there for plotting and
      sharing ideas. Popplet is my favourite, but there are plenty
      to choose from.
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    • Fairly unprecedented for an Apple event, too — I’ve never seen Apple gather an audience to not announce a product. (Of course, I’m making an assumption here that they’re not announcing anything today — maybe an update on the white iPhone 4, though.)
    • YouTube video: iPhone antenna song. “There’s an awful lot of hoopla about the iPhone antenna…” Harshing on the media! “In terms of daaaaily usage I’ve yet to droooop a call.”

      “Gizmodo is ridiculous with their anti-Apple strings. … If you don’t want an iPhone 4 don’t buy it! If you bought one and you don’t like it, bring it back!” I can’t — but also totally can — believe they’re playing this video.

    • “We’re going to talk about the problems and the data we’ve got. The iPhone 4 is perhaps the best product we’ve ever made at Apple. We’ve sold over 3m since we launched it just over 3 weeks ago. It’s been judged the #1 smartphone by a variety of publications — people seem to like it. Users seem to love it.”
    • “‘Antennagate’ — it doesn’t seem like a good idea if you touch your phone in a certain way and the bars go down. But one of the first things we learned: it’s certainly not unique to the iPhone.”

    • “AT&T won’t give out the absolute call drop data for competitive reasons, but they’ll let us release the delta. But how do the call drops on iPhone 4 compare to 3GS a year ago per 100 calls?”

      “I can tell you that since we’re being totally transparent, even though we believe the iPhone’s antenna is superior, the data says the iPhone 4 drops more calls than the 3GS. But how many more calls per hundred does it drop?”

    • 10:28AM
      “When our engineers and scientists look at this data, it’s very hard to escape the conclusion that there is a problem — but it’s affecting a very small percentage of our users. I myself have gotten over 5000 emails from users telling me their iPhone works fine, and they can’t figure out what this is about.”

      “Having said this, we care about EVERY user. And we’re not going to stop until every one is happy. But it’s important to understand the scope of the issue — the data says the issue has been blown so far out of proportion, it’s incredible.”

    • “So, I’ve got some other updates. We’re tracking some problems with the proximity sensor, we’ll have that in the next update. White iPhone: lot of people are waiting for it, and they’ll start shipping at the end of July in limited quantities.”

      “On July 30th we’re going to bring the iPhone to 17 more countries — these are the same we announced before.”

    • 10:33AM
      “We love our users. We try very hard to surprise and delight them. We work our asses off. And it’s great, and we have a blast doing it. And we make some pretty interesting products for them — Macs, iPhones, iPads, iPods, the Apple TV… we make some pretty great products.
    • 10:35AM
      “We love our users so much we’ve built 300 Apple retail stores for them — the best buying experience in the world, and the best ownership experience in the world. With Genius Bars that cost nothing to bring your products in and get advice. We had over 60m people through our stores last quarter.”

      “So we do all this because we love our users. And when we fall short — which we do sometimes — we try harder. We pick ourselves up, we figure out what’s wrong, and we try harder. And when we succeed, they reward us by staying our users, and that makes it all worth it.”

      “That’s what drives us. When we have problems like this and people criticize us, we take it really personally. Maybe we should have a wall of PR people to insulate us, but we don’t — when our users have a problem, we have a problem.”

    • Today, we love our customers and we’re going to take care of them.”
    • Steve: There are some things we know that we did learn here. One thing is how much we love our customers and how we are going to take care of them. We were stunned and upset and embarrassed by the Consumer Reports stuff, and the reason we didn’t say more is because we didn’t know enough. If we’d have done this event a week and a half ago, we wouldn’t have had half the data we have today.
    • 11:00AMWe’re an engineering company, we think like engineers, and we think it’s the right way to solve real, hard problems. I don’t think the fact that we love our customers is going to change at all. I don’t think we could run any faster — we’ve had cots in the labs, cars in the parking lots all night, we’ve been living here.

      11:01AMI guess it’s just human nature, when you see someone get successful you just want to tear it down. I see it happening with Google. Google is a great company. Look at everything they’ve created. Would you prefer we’re Korean companies? Do you not like the fact that we’re an American company leading the world right here? Of course we’re human, of course we’ll make mistakes. But sometimes I feel that in search of eyeballs for these web sites, people don’t care about what they leave in their wake.

      11:03AMI look at this and think wow. Apple has been around 30 years. Haven’t we earned the credibility and trust that we’re going to take care of our users? … we weren’t just innocents in this. But the reaction has been so overblown… we could actually use your help here.

      11:05AMSteve: You can see pictures of a Nokia phone with a sticker on it that says “don’t touch here.” No one has solved this problem. Would I love Apple be the first? Can we make our situation better than it is right now? Maybe, we’ll see, but most of our customers are not experiencing this problem. In actual use, they never encounter it — just like any phone, certain customers will hold it in a way that exposes its weakness, and we want to get ‘em a case. We will continue to work on more advanced antenna designs that don’t have this problem or put this problem in an out of the way place.

    • Steve: When you love your customers, nothing is off the table. But we want to be data driven. We send engineers to people’s homes with test equipment and take logs…
      Bob: For the record, we told them we were coming.
    • 11:20AMQ: A couple years ago you released a software fix that improved reception, can you square that with this?
      Steve: To understand Apple, an insight came about 8 years ago: We didn’t want to get into any business that we didn’t own and control the primary technology. If they do, they’re going to beat you in the end — you have to build on top of them. We didn’t have to make the processors… software is the most important component.
    • 11:25AMQ about Steve’s email habits.
      Steve: I get a lot of email, and my address is out there. I can’t reply to all of these emails — I have a day job. Some people post them on the web, which is kind of rude, but the most recent phenomena is people just making them up! But they’re our customers, and I want to communicate with them.
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    • Taskforce uses a synchronization framework called Syncro which relies on a open socket connection to the server. We’re using WebSockets on Chrome and Safari, so that would be the logical option for the iPhone. However, annoyingly Apple decided to disable WebSockets in iOS 4. What’s strange was that WebSocket support was in all the previous development releases – oh well…

      So, how can we keep a open socket connection to the server from a Mobile Safari webpage? The answer is long polling – i.e. you open an AJAX connection to the server, and never close it. It’s one way only though, so if you want to send any data to the server, you need to send a separate AJAX POST. It’s all fairly ugly, and hopefully something we can do away with once the majority of devices support WebSockets. 

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