My daily readings 07/13/2010

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    • The problem with PDFs on the iPad is that few, if any, actually do the rendering themselves. Instead they are just using the basic CoreGraphics rendering of PDFs, which has some known limitations. On the Mac you have access to PDFKit, which can render more PDF features, but Apple has yet to port it to iPhoneOS. A good test of whether or not your iPad app renders things themselves is whether or not they support graphically selecting and copying text.

      I find the PDF support for iPad kind of annoying. GoodReader is okay, but it has a travesty of a user interface. There are lots of others out there, but their descriptions lead me to believe they use the same basic rendering techniques and I’m not really in the mood to keep throwing money at the problem until I find one that does a better job. It would nice if the app store had a try before you buy feature.

      It’s possible to write your own renderer on top of the CoreGraphics foundation. I’ve tempted to just bite the bullet and do it myself. I have a lot of gaming PDFs and I intend to make fill use of the iPad at the table.

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    • I am pretty sure that a combo of citation management, PDF management, PDF
      viewing, and PDF annotating is really not possible on a device like iPad (and
      certainly not iPhone). We came to the conclusion that this was not even
      feasible on a normal computer or laptop without compromising too much. There’s
      a limited number of keyboard shortcuts and menu items that you can offer, and
      the choices for those are very different for a citation manager and a PDF
      viewer/annotator. This is the reason we went for separate apps. With much less
      interaction you’re much more restricted in what you can do, so you need to be
      much more focused on a single feature, you can’t work with menu items and
      keyboard shortcuts. PDF organize + viewer/annotator can be combined, but
      citation manager would be a different app. And lots of functions of BibDesk are
      really not appropriate for iPads at all.
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