My daily readings 07/05/2010

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    • You can also bookmark URLs in @replies to you. In your Delicious account, the service will include any hashtags you include as tags for your bookmark and include the full text of the tweet in the bookmark comments. Here’s an example of the White House Twitter account’s tweeted URLs in Delicious, using Packrati’s tool.

      Last summer, Delicious launched a deeper integration with Twitter, to allow you to also tweet your bookmarked links out. Packrati’s ability to add the URLs your Tweet out to your Delicious bookmarks is so simple, yet serves as an incredibly useful tool to store and organize the links you send out. Of course, you may not want to bookmark all of the URLs you Tweet out, so the site could make your Delicious account a bit noisy.

    • Oddly, I did something much like this a year ago and no one cared 😀

    • I was using twitlicious, but stopped. It was nice, except the automatic tagging which was putting a lot of mess with unrelated tags. I tried to disable automatic tagging, but it didn’t work, when I unchecked the box, it was checked again when I opened the setting page. I tried several times, then after a few weeks I disabled twitlicious completely instead.
    • I was just looking for something to do this today, strangely enough!

      Tweecious does this, too, if people want another choice. It’s a Firefox Extension, so you have to have Firefox running to do the processing.

      Tweecious uses Zemanta’s API to provide useful (if imperfect) tags automatically, so you get something basic at least. It works pretty well.

    • You should check out my new startup – it focuses on exactly that – grabbing all the links from the tweets you fave. It doesn’t send them to a third party bookmarking service, we’re working to make our service even better as far as the interface, features, and workflow go. Here are a couple reviews – &

      Let me know if you want an beta invite.

  • Awesome screenshot 如果弄上动画效果,会如何? 

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