My daily readings 06/12/2010

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    • No question, the presentations at WWDC were really polished. I was in awe. Presentations were incredible. So polished, so precise, so well put together and so well organized. I wonder how they rehearse them. I can’t remember a single incident where things did not go exactly to plan. Hats off to Apple engineers who did the presentations.

      Not that the presentations at Google were bad. But they were what you’d expect a bunch of engineers to present. It totally lacked the polish. I think of Apple being a product management company, and Google being an engineering company. That explains the difference in presentations. Google could learn a thing or two from Apple here.

    • 4. Baiting vs Ignoring

      Vic Gundorta, the Google VP, was clearly going after Apple in his address with some nonsensical (IMO) talk about openness. Apple and Google have different business models, and they are executing to that. Some of the potshots were low blows, IMO. Jobs, and everyone else at WWDC, ignored Google for the most part – the feeling I got was that they were saying ‘eh? Android? What is that?’

    • 7. HTML5, again

      This is where the enemies cross paths. Google and Apple clearly want HTML5 to win, and they work closely and deeply on advancing this. Safari 5 is pretty awesome, and a step ahead of chrome in HTML5 implementation.  Maybe Adobe can work on a nice implementation of an HTML5 editor

    • 9. Focus, Focus, Focus

      Apple made it very,very clear where they want developers to be: iPhone and iPad, XCode/iOS4 and HTML5. Thats it. forget MacOS. That is a sidenote. All the presentations were arranged accordingly.

      On the other hand, I/O presented a smorgasbord of technologies, with no real underlying theme (well, maybe HTML5 & Android). Google Wave was still there . Buzz has a few sessions. There was even a session on engineering management. Huh? Please, attend the WWDC and understand how to run these.

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