My daily readings 06/06/2010

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    • I am surprised at how useful what a seemingly superfluous feature is on the iPhone. I often find myself grabbing screenshots of things and sending it to friends, Twitter and Facebook. My location on a map. An amusing article I just saw. An SMS conversation. It’s not obvious, but once you know how to do it, it’s very handy and I’m surprised it’s so difficult with Android.
    • I love screenshots from the iPad maps application imported into SketchBook or some other drawing app. Very useful for whipping up driving directions to forward to a friend.
    • Why wouldn’t you just forward them a link to the driving directions page? You lose all the functionality of the awesome Internet we have in 2010 by sending someone a static map. Anyone who can receive that would be in front of a computer connected to the internet, or if they are on the go, would be on a smart phone with internet access so they could look it up themselves. Might as well just carry around a paper map.

      Unless you want to be a doormat like that guy in the commercials whose friends call him to ask him for driving directions and movie show times because your phone lets you browse the web while you’re in a call at the same time. Let your friends look up their own directions.

    • Non-savvy users really get lost at how screenshots work.

      I have a buddy who’s a programmer at publishing house, specializing in niche magazines, and they deal regularly with non-savvy older users. He’s got this story about one such customer who was complaining that something wasn’t working on the website and when asked to send a screenshot he proceeded to:

      1) Press PrintScreen
      2) Paste it into Word
      3) Print it out,
      and finally,
      4) Fax it to the company.

      I thought that was kind of related, and rather humorous.

    • I REGULARLY receive photos from cameras of someones computer screen when asked to supply a “screen shot”. It was kinda funny the first few times…now its just sad.
    • Sadly though it still pails in comparison with fastStone capture. It is impossible to take a screenshot of a menu such as file >> Save As with the windows 7 too because focus goes to the tool when you select it, where as in fastStone it does not…plus you can annotate, add drawings, and when you save it automatically timestamps the filename for you so you don’t have to rename all your freaking files…

      In the interest of fairness i take a HUGE number of screenshots (tech support) so the win 7 tool may be adequate for most, i still find it sub par ( also for a mac shift+ctrl+cmd+4 saves a snippet to your clipboard…better than the windows 7 equivalent IMHO shift+cmd+4 to save as a file to your desktop)

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