My daily readings 06/05/2010

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    • It’s goal from the outset was clear: make it easy to transform nearly any Web page into a more comfortable and inviting reading experience.
    • Links are wonderful conveniences, as we all know (from clicking on them compulsively day in and day out). But they’re also distractions. Sometimes, they’re big distractions – we click on a link, then another, then another, and pretty soon we’ve forgotten what we’d started out to do or to read. Other times, they’re tiny distractions, little textual gnats buzzing around your head. Even if you don’t click on a link, your eyes notice it, and your frontal cortex has to fire up a bunch of neurons to decide whether to click or not. You may not notice the little extra cognitive load placed on your brain, but it’s there and it matters. People who read hypertext comprehend and learn less, studies show, than those who read the same material in printed form. The more links in a piece of writing, the bigger the hit on comprehension.
    • From the outset, we’ve always viewed Readability as a technology answer to a problem that technology created. In the spirit of continuing to improve reading on the Web, we hope you’ll enjoy this subtle but important update.

      We’ve got big plans for Readability in the future. You can stay up to date on Readability and all of the other efforts at Arc90 (lab or otherwise) by visiting this blog or following following us on Twitter.

    • The benefit of hyperlinks within a body of text is context. Finding the context for a footnote, or scrolling down to a footnote when I want to visit a link, seems more pain than pleasure.

      What if instead you just opted for a more subtle treatment of links in the CSS? A very slight change in color (dark grey vs. black) is likely to be easy enough to detect, but not enough to detract.

    • I LOVE Readability – thank you! – and use it dozens of times a day, but I must agree with Brian. Footnotes work well in an environment with no scrolling (e.g. a physical book), but they are not well-suited for a scrolling environment.

      I too would prefer the simple (and context-saving) solution of a more subtle style for links in the applied stylesheet.

    • I hope you update the Readablity extension for Google Chome!:D
    • I love readability and use it all the time when annoyed with too many dancing adds competing for my attention. I do have a suggestion; many of the articles I read (like in the New York times) have multiple pages. These continuing page links are not in your readability version and it would be more convenient if the next page link were included.

      Thanks for providing such a great tool!

    • Brian nailed it on the head. Links bring semantic context to the table. Obviously readability is enhanced by converting them to footnotes but then your page is not semantically linked to others on the internet completely throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

      Design wise this is progression but information wise this is regression.

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  • Mo: It’s for you.

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    • We also announced the upcoming Chrome Web Store, which will launch later this year to help make great web applications more discoverable
    • In addition to our keynote announcements, the Chrome Team also led a number of sessions throughout both days of the conference, focusing on Chrome, HTML5, and the web as a platform.
  • 俊俊, It’s for you!

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  • Video on Google I/O

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    • At first, we used a quite complex -webkit-gradient for the gradients in the “day bars” for the various cities. It turns out the this really, really slows things down in terms of rendering speed on the iPad. What -webkit-gradient really does is construct an image bitmap, and to the rendering engine it’s exactly the same as if you would supply and externally loaded image (like a PNG file). Images on Mobile Safari are notoriously slow (hope this will improve in 4.0!), and there’s basically nothing you can do about this– except not using images and gradients.

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    • My jaw dropped when I heard that presidential candidate Clinton dismissed the unified opinion of every economist on the planet and supported the gas tax rebate. The rebate is John McCain’s proposal. I think that proves both of them are unqualified to be president. Obama isn’t much better when it comes to sorting out economic policy from pandering, although he did avoid that particular landmine.

    • and decide on that basis. I don’t know which way it would come out.
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    • information that XKCD is “the most viewed comic on the Internet?” I’d guess that Penny Arcade ( gets a lot more
    • execution would be good. Some kinds of movie ideas historically lead to poor executions. Among them are movies based on video games and comic strips. Considering an “idea” for a movie in isolation is pretty pointless, since, as you noted,
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