My daily readings 05/23/2010

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    • Tip1: Start from Epicenter of the idea, product
      Epicenter is the core and what a product stands for. Stick to/start with what product stands for and only build features that defines you and your business. Build half the products that you want to build, but not half assed product; cutting out what is merely good, only keep the core and the best.
    • Building a product for a new business should be the same way, instead of setting up long term goals, 3 months long feature sets plan, breaking them down to mini-sets, weekly feature-sets-milestone will make you aware of your progress more, bringing more motivation and fuel to keep going strong. This is how I am building mine now.
    • Tip3: Constrain is the resource and Outside money is plan Z
      I love this tip. Never take outside money before you build out the epicenter of your product. Resource constraint is a good thing that will force us to build only the most necessary to launch the core of our product, our business, our service.
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    • 74 percent of the 27 companies are either profitable or have received commitments for outside funding, YC said today. And at least a handful of those rounds were for over $1 million, we’ve been told.
    • Recent acquisitions of companies from the Y Combinator program include reMail and AppJet, both by Google. As to which of the companies YC thinks are the most promising, here’s the list it included in the post: “Airbnb, Bump, Cloudkick, Clustrix, DailyBooth, Disqus, Dropbox, Heroku, Heyzap,, Loopt, Posterous, RethinkDB, Reddit, Scribd, Songkick, Weebly, Wepay, Wufoo, and Xobni.”

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