My daily readings 04/27/2010

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    • Currently, Glue has over 400,000 registered users and receives over 1.5 million new ratings every month, which is impressive for the bootstrapped startup. But will these new feature updates be able to save Glue from Facebook’s potential takeover of the social recommendations space? Glue’s founder Alex Iskold says that he is “flattered” by Facebook’s move to extend their Like button beyond the social network. In fact, Iskold is very familiar with Facebook’s implementation of its Like button and Open Graph API. But Iskold believes that the Like button is more publisher-focused vs. user-centric. Iskold maintains that Glue’s plug-in allows users to interact with their recommendations wherever they browse and on the sites they visit. He adds that Glue will plan to integrate Facebook’s Like button in some way, but is not sure yet how it will be added to the platform.
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    • Earlier in the presentation, Platform Lead Bret Taylor rattled off another huge stat: Facebook users are sharing over 25 billion things a month currently. With the new Like button (and the other new social plugins, not to mention the Open Graph itself), and Facebook’s new partners, expect this number to surge. I mean, if Facebook is going to serve up 1 billion likes just today, they’ll be on pace for a least 30 billion shares this month, not counting any other method of sharing on the site.
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    • Lots of people assumed I was gay when I campaigned for an apology for the treatment of Alan Turing. I’m not, so what was it that drove me to stand up for a gay man?
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  • tags: twitter, Annotation

      • Using these, apps can come up with interesting filters that increase relevance for my Twitter experience:

        • Show me tweets from users above an influence-rank threshold
        • Show me tweets from users who have at least x followers or x list memberships
        • Show me tweets from a specific geo-location
        • Only show me tweets that contain links or pics or videos
        • There can be interesting mashups and visualizations based on such metadata.

        As apparent from some examples from the top-of-my-head, there are lots of creative possibilities.

    • I expect Twitter will wait to see what developers come up with and then absorb the best innovations in its native implementations. In the meantime, Annotations will increase “stickiness” of specific Twitter apps and may be used to lock-in users to certain apps.
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    • * Ok, great. How are we going to figure out what Joe Random’s annotations

      actually mean?

      That’s something we need to figure out as a community. But here is an early

      idea: People could add some agreed upon “meta-annotation” that points to

      something which *describes* the annotation or annotations that person is

      using. Think something sort of like XML DTD, though not necessarily machine

      readable. This meta annotation could point to a URL that simply has an HTML

      document that gives a description with some examples of the various

      annotations you’re experimenting with or standardizing on.

      * Will it be in search? Streaming? Mobile? My toaster?

      We hope so! When we launch you will at minimum be able to attach annotations

      to a tweet and consume annotations from a tweet’s payload via the REST API.

      Of course it would be awesome to be able to say to search or the streaming

      API, “give me all tweets with this namespace”, or “give me all tweets with

      this namespace and key”, or etc. We’re working with the Search, Streaming

      and other teams to make all this happen. We can’t promise it’ll be ready by

      launch but we know it’s killer and a must have and are trying to get it

      ready soon.

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    • Media attachments: The basic stuff. Labeling tweets that have links to photos or videos in them. Or sticking the links to the photos and videos in the metadata itself. Or tagging the content of the photos in the tweets.

      Hashtags: Migrate them to the allotted space for metadata.

      Reviews: Add one to five-star ratings to tweets.

      Finance: Make it easier to follow stocks for spikes or sudden fluctuations with a special category of tweets. In fact, make a special type of price alert tweet for all sorts of goods and services like plane flights and oil.

      Coupons: Make a special category of coupon tweets so you know when hamburgers are half off in the neighborhood. Location data would make this especially powerful.

      Music: Mark all tweets that refer to songs. Create Twitter song charts that span different services like and Hype Machine. Generate playlists from Twitter. Granted, these ideas are already out there. But people might be hesitant to tweet their favorite songs for fear of spamming their followers. Tagging the tweets would allow people to opt-in to ‘music-related’ content from friends.

      Location: Yes, there is already location metadata. But there are different ways of thinking about places outside of lat-long coordinates or place names from local listings. What about all tweets about parks? Or tweets about schools? Traffic tweets? Finally tagging all the tweets that are check-ins?

      News: A news story’s dateline (when a location is written in all caps at the beginning of story) has been a key piece of metadata paired along with copy for more than a century in newspapers. Now it can be put into the metadata of a tweeted headline. This solves a big problem: media organizations often tweet the headlines of stories about topics like French politics or airplanes being grounded in Europe because of the Icelandic volcano eruption. But these tweets may not actually contain the words ‘FRANCE’ or ‘ICELAND’ or ‘EUROPE,’ so they won’t get picked up by a cursory search. One could also tag tweets that are about the same ongoing news story like ‘michael-jackson’ in the case of the pop singer’s death.

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