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    • There’s a third option not mentioned in the article. That’s creating a $1/day project, then working to make it a $2/day, then $3/day.

      Either through improving the thing you’re selling, or by finding better ways to sell it. Take, for example, . He seems do have done pretty well following that method.

      I don’t know if that’s any more or less work than building 400 projects, each selling for $1/day though.

    • This is an interesting post, and I’m eager to hear what other people who have spent more time in the startup scene think of it. Here’s my thoughts:

      1. I think I’ve seen the “two groups” that the post talks about, but I have begun to have serious doubts that they’re as fatalistic as they’re made out to be. For example:

      The in-crowd live in the U.S, they attended MIT or Berkeley, they write well, have interesting blogs and are followed by 400 or more people on twitter.

      You can’t change where you went to school, but you can improve your writing skills, start a blog, and get 400 followers on Twitter. In fact, this is trivial over a period of months. Writing good content is not only for the elite; it’s how you become one of the elite 😉

      2. If you do a little research up front on the market for whatever you’re going to create, you might be able to just create one product rather than 400. It might be more difficult in the beginning, but you just might learn an incredible amount and turn out to be one of the most well-rounded sources of startup insight on HN. See patio11 / Bingo Card Creator for an example 🙂

      3. My main concern would be sustainability; those 150 projects that make you $12k / month aren’t going to do so forever. You’ll run yourself ragged trying to keep them all together, and at some point, you’d probably be better off with a job. I guess what I’m saying is to try and pick a model that will scale more than $1/day projects will.

      In spite of these criticisms, I did enjoy this article for its thought-provoking angle that’s very different from a lot of the stuff I read on HN.

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    • Now comes the trick: If you make 400 things making $1 a day, you will be making $12.000 a month. This is the mental repositioning that needs to be made to follow this strategy. It’s not about how to make a lot of money with a project, it becomes a matter of how to optimise your time and selected projects so that you can make 400 of them within the shortest possible period.

      When you start, you have no idea. Just pick something you like. Woodwork, hentai, mobile phones, anything. Now sit back and think for a few days – what type of software could I write that would be quite quick to make and could bring me $1 a day? Once you find one that works, think of ways to modify and expand it. Bring in new ideas.

      The start goes slow but after a couple of months, your mental realignment will happen, you will start seeing time optimisation techniques you never though of before. Additionally, the quick feedback from the projects allows you quickly iterate and converge towards the path of maximum profitability.

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    • 1 买中国电信的手机卡(要能查an/aaa)
      2 打开kindle后盖,替换无线模块(拆机过程随后附图)
      3 使用amazon的升级功能配置系统

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