My daily readings 01/24/2010

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    • Hey all,

      I’m trying to access a company intranet website through my company’s VPN. We have a simple PPTP VPN server. (MS Server 2k3)

      I’m able to connect fine. I’m able to browse to one of our intranet sites via IP address fine. But I cannot browse using hostnames or fully qualified domain names. (FQDNs) All of this si being done through Safari obviously.

      Therefore, this means there is a DNS resolution issue. In VPN settings, I’ve tried setting “Send all traffic” to both on and off, and neither works. (should be on though)

      Has anyone else got this to work using either PPTP or even L2TP? (and not CISCO)

    • I was just doing a search for the solution to the exact same problem. I can use IP addresses to go where I want on the network once VPN is established but I cannot use DNS – which is ideally what I need.

      My router is a Vigor (so again no Cisco) and I connect using PPTP. Be nice to have some help on this!!

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