My daily readings 01/19/2010

  • tags: iPhone, Monetization

    • Convert has blazed up the charts over the past two weeks since we launched it to currently rank as the #2 top paid app in the US App Store. Over 40,000 Just under 50,000 copies have been sold worldwide so far in the short time that it’s been out. To say the least, we’re all completely delighted with how much people are into the app, especially its UI! I feel like all our efforts in creating it were completely worth it.
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  • tags: iPhone, Monetization

    • One significant thing to note regarding Convert’s sales is that after our initial peak (because of our big marketing push for its launch), it’s been doing fairly consistent numbers after it had its run and subsequently fell off the Top 100. And those numbers are still very strong. For the past three months, we’ve averaged a net of over $21,000 per month (the 5-month net total is now just over $188,000 on 228,283 sales). It’s worth pointing out that Convert is now $1.99, versus the 99¢ intro price. After playing around with pricing for a bit, we found $1.99 to be the sweet spot for this particular app.
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    • So I asked Posterous co-founder Sachin Agarwal how Posterous will actually make money. His answer was simple. Charge for business and commercial use of Posterous.  What about consumers? Agarwal says that Posterous will remain free for consumers, but will just charge for businesses, which reminds me a lot of how people imagine Twitter making money.

      One of Posterous’ first “clients” is Coca-Cola, which is definitely a good first start. Coca-Cola is using Posterous for its NCAA “Dept of Fannovation” where people can come up with ideas to improve the experience of being a fan, and a chance to win $10,000.

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