My daily readings 12/12/2009

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    • At twitter we’re working on using Cassandra to replace our currents

      storage for all tweets. We have a cluster in production that’s being

      populated outside the the user-critical path (ie, the cassandra

      writing is async).

      Additionally, we’re testing and evaluating for basically everything

      else in our stack.

      We evaluated a lot of things: a custom mysql impl, voldemort, hbase,

      mongodb, memcachdb, hypertable, and others.


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  • tags: WebSocket, benchmark

  • The Web Sockets API enables web applications to handle bidirectional communications with server-side process in a straightforward way. Developers have been using XMLHttpRequest (“XHR”) for such purposes, but XHR makes developing web applications that communicate back and forth to the server unnecessarily complex. XHR is basically asynchronous HTTP, and because you need to use a tricky technique like long-hanging GET for sending data from the server to the browser, simple tasks rapidly become complex. As opposed to XMLHttpRequest, Web Sockets provide a real bidirectional communication channel in your browser. Once you get a Web Socket connection, you can send data from browser to server by calling a send() method, and receive data from server to browser by an onmessage event handler. A simple example is included below.

    tags: Chrome, API

    • You can use Google Chrome and pywebsocket to start implementing Web Socket-enabled web applications now. We’re more than happy to hear your feedback not only on our implementation, but also on API and/or protocol design. The protocol has not been completely locked down and is still in discussion in IETF, so we are especially grateful for any early adopter feedback.
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