My daily readings 12/07/2009

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      • Send us your ideas for Firefox add-ons, preferably ones created with Jetpack, that can turn the web-browser into a platform for rich personal learning. You are not restricted to work on any particular type of application. Here are a few examples to get you started:

        • Turn social bookmarking and page annotation into effective learning tools (for example by including peer-assessment features).
        • Allow users to easily compile personal e-portfolios (for example, by combining their own works — photos, comments, articles—with testimonials others have written about them).
        • Let the browser suggest relevant materials (for example, by automatically identifying additional articles based on what sites a person visit or which topics they search for).
        • Support social learning communities (for example, by making it easy to find and connect with others who share similar learning interests).
  • Find answers through your friend network. It seems many services try to tackle this problem. A hard one.

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    • Their secret sauce is the way that they find the appropriate person to answer each question, and how they use your answering history to give power users priority in getting their own questions answered. I’m not terribly familiar with ChaCha’s product, but I would be willing to bet that under the hood it doesn’t have as much going on as Aardvark. If you’ve been looking at their hires and job postings on their site, they are bringing in a lot of high-end AI and NLP talent.
    • What Aardvark is working on is the future of communication. It helps manage the collective knowledge of your friends and associates in much the same way that Facebook manages your social relationships and information. It takes a far more focused and structured approach than just blasting out “lazyweb” questions on Twitter. This wouldn’t just be a talent grab for Google. There are a reasonable percentage of searches that Google cannot answer by spidering the web, but Aardvark can. Opinion questions are a decent-sized chunk of the search market, and often lead to purchases (”what is the best looking 42″ LCD around?”, or “what is the best bar to meet cougars in Vancouver?”).
    • Just take the offer. It’s a feature better implemented in a larger product, rather than hacked into instant messages. To me it’s extremely annoying. Googling for an answer is a habit that I don’t feel like breaking to ask a question to random pool of pseudo contacts in the hope for an answer. Maybe I’m just not a passive tard, but I rather just get the answer and do it right myself when I need to know something.
    • Vark is a great in concept. It looks great on paper. It looks like a cool service until you realize that 90% of the time the person on the other end just Google’s the answer and sends you the link to the first search result.
    • A lot of players have tried to take a stab at this.. and all of them failed (latest being AskMeNow). the only difference this time a round is that facebook connect has been made available.

      facebook is the life of this service.

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    • 1. They think first, talk later. Introverted leaders think before they speak.
    • 2. They focus on depth. Introverted leaders seek depth over breadth. They like to dig deep, delving into issues and ideas before moving on to new ones.
    • 3. They exude calm. Introvertedleaders are low-key. In times of crisis, they project a reassuring, calm confidence
    • 4. They let their fingers do the talking. Introverted leaders usually prefer writing to talking. T
    • 5. They embrace solitude. Introverted leaders are energized by spending time alone.

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