My daily readings 10/27/2009

  • tags: tools, learning

    • Evernote
      lets you capture things (web pages,
      screenshots, photos, note, etc), which you can tag, store and find
      again fast . It works across many different (Windows and Mac OS)
      computers and phones (iPhone, iPod Touch, Blackberry, Palm Pre) that
      are used in daily life:
    • Posterous
      is a very simple blogging system.
      If you haven’t yet got into blogging this is by far the simplest way
      to start. Just post to your Posterous blog using email and attach
      any type of file – photo, MP3, video, document, etc – if you want to
      include it. If you already have a blog elsewhere (e.g. Blogger,
      Wordpress or Typepad) you can also auto-post to it, or even
      auto-post to Facebook, Twitter or Flickr.
  • tags: no_tag

    • 在这个问题上,SK电讯也犯了想当然的错误。几乎所有的移动运营商都认为,既然在2G时代高端商务用户每个月交的电话费最多,到了3G时代他们肯定也会是首批尝鲜者。SK电讯一开始也是这么想的,但是他们很快就发现自己错了。真正对3G感兴趣的反而是年轻人,正因为他们无所事事,所以有更为充足的时间和热情去尝试新事物,而忙于工作的高端商务人群一开始对3G并不感兴趣。
    • “June”的成功使得韩国的几大运营商都发现了年轻人这座“金矿”。如今,韩国的三家移动运营商SK电讯、KTF和LG电信都推出了3G子品牌,而且都竭尽全力地讨好年轻人:KTF的3G子品牌“SHOW”里面的字母“O”打扮得像快进键一样,LG电信的“OZ”则是一副全红。
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    •  如今,同样的故事再次上演,只是这一次,主角变成了诺基亚。在昔日的竞争对手摩托罗拉陷入危机之后,诺基亚却走上了一条漫无目的的产品浅层升级之路。从N73到N96,诺基亚推出N系列的速度越来越快,但技术和外观的改进却越来越少。

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