My daily readings 07/23/2009

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    • At some point in the near future, Google Docs will allow you to upload any type of files. Some of the files can be edited, other files can be previewed online, while the rest of them are only stored online. For example, PDF files can’t be edited online, but you can view them and share them.
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    • It wasn’t until I visited the schools I was interested in and actually talked to students that I started to get a real picture of what university life was like at those schools. Thankfully, students of today don’t have quite the same problems, and that’s all because of social media. Here are 10 social media resources for high school students (and their parents) to use in order to find out more about what college life is really like at the school they plan to attend.
    • It was with that in mind that Luke Skurman founded College Prowler in 2002. The problem, Skurman thought, was that the people writing traditional college guidebooks were so far removed from the colleges that they couldn’t possibly know what life was really like for students. So Skurman decided to do the most logical thing: he hired students to write the guidebooks.
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    • Unigo offers a way for current students to rate and review the colleges they attend so that prospective students get a clearer idea of what life is actually like at the school. In addition to providing the basic information about each school — enrollment, tuition, how selective the school is, and notable alumni — Unigo also offers unique ratings on topics most guidebooks don’t cover, like drug and alcohol culture, political activity, and the accessibility of professors.
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    • There’s plenty of material (documentation, blogs, books) out there that’ll
      help you write a site using Django… but then what? You’ve still got to
      test, deploy, monitor, and tune the site; failure at deployment time means
      all your beautiful code is for naught.
    • Along the way, I’ll discuss what’s behind some of sites I’ve got in
      production right now, especially the problems I ran into and how we
      solved them. I’ll also critique any production environments tutorial
      attendees would like to share with us.
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    • Click on a date/time to view the file as it appeared at that time.
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    • The following pages on the English Wikipedia link to this file (pages on other projects are not listed):
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    • Ryan Grim would understand this disconnect perfectly. One of the theses of his new book, “This is Your Country on Drugs: The Secret History of Getting High in America” — a cornucopia of unconventional wisdom about our relationship to mind-altering substances — is that the popularity of drugs waxes and wanes according to a complex sum of factors. One of those factors is the “perceived risk” of using a particular chemical, which also fluctuates. There’s a tendency to idealize new drugs, as the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal did with a recently isolated narcotic in 1900. “There’s no danger of acquiring a habit,” it assured its readers about the drug that had just emerged from the labs of the aspirin manufacturer, Bayer. They named it heroin.
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    • Of course, the best part of the video comes from a Facebook engineer named Putnam as he describes Mark Zuckerberg’s initial reaction to the Video idea. Just watch the clip below.
    • Also be sure to check out the full video, though beware of the ridiculously sappy piano music playing throughout.
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