My daily readings 07/19/2009

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    • My answer reflects an observation that plays an increasingly important role in my understanding of the world: if you want to do something interesting and rewarding — be it writing a novel, becoming a professor, or growing a successful business — you have to first become exceptional. As Study Hacks readers know, I think Steve Martin put it best when he noted that the key to breaking into a competitive and desirable field is to “become so good, they can’t ignore you.”
      • I call this general technique the Pyramid Method. I claim that it’s a powerful approach for anyone looking to transform an interest or natural talent into an expertise that cannot be ignored. Regardless of the pursuit in question, if you want to take it someplace serious, follow Chris’s example. This means:

        1. Pick a single relevant venue to join at the entry level and work to increase your standing.
        2. Make sure the venue offers clear metrics on your progress; use these metrics to guide your efforts to get better.
        3. Forget all the other bullshit advice and mini-strategies people offer for getting ahead in your pursuit. If you can’t master this one venue, then you don’t yet deserve the world’s respect.
        4. Put your head down, and get it done.
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    • Jon Travis has already started a project for testing out Project Voldemort. It is called vpork. This is a step in the right direction. As a community we should come together and start talking about how we test performance because it is important. We owe it to our users and we owe it to ourselves to be honest about the capabilities of our projects. Only through our commitment to quality, even at a cost to our own egos, will we build great systems.
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