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    • 3. Don’t play any blame games. It doesn’t matter who put the bug in. Again, your co-workers will be more loyal to you if you soft-pedal problems they introduce. I often apologize for bugs found, and gently argue with people that it was indeed my fault, when we both know it wasn’t.
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    • 当谈到如何去控制不断扩张中的公司的方向时,Salem这样说,“我从小热爱滑雪,但其实我开始滑雪却比较晚。我小时候不是那种能够从高坡上面华丽地滑下来的小孩子,即使摔倒了第二天也不觉得疼。所以在开始学习滑雪时,我有些无法控制,会跟着第一感觉向后倾斜。我以为向后倾会更容易避免摔倒,让我更加能够控制自己。但这样做的结果却让我明白,如果你想要获得更好的控制,其实需要向前倾斜,这样才能挥洒自如。这个道理同样适用于我们现在的状况。挑战从四处袭来,但不管怎样你都不能向后倾斜。”“当我展望这个行业的未来时,我想起了亨利·福特曾经在谈到客户需求时说过,如果我问客户想要什么,他们会说‘一匹跑得更快的马’。”
    •   Salem:工程师的背景使我对于技术发展的可能性始终保持着好奇心,我认为几乎所有问题都能够通过技术的发展来加以解决。另外,创业经历也告诉我,我们在职业发展中应该始终保持着一种渴求状态,永远不能够有任何的自满自足。


    • Salem:一家伟大的公司始终要保持着一种不断变革、不断变化的意愿,并且必须根据客户的变化和发展方向来实现自身的变化,而不能够过多地专注于自己已经在做的事情上。


    • 比如说我们在收购Vontu的时候,主要是基于技术上的考虑,它给我们带来了一种新的技术;而收购MessageLabs的时候,主要是为了获得一种新型的商业模式或者新型的平台,即SaaS(Softwareasaservice,软件即服务);我们在收购PCTools这家公司的时候,则是希望获得一个新的客户群,获得一个新的细分市场。


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    • has been around for quite a while, but is still one of our favorite places to store documents online. Thanks to its integration with numerous online services, including Gmail, Zoho, picnick, and Scribd, can not only store all your documents, but can also function as the hub of your virtual office.

      One other nice feature of is that you can share your files and folders with ‘collaborators,’ which makes it a good service to exchange files within a small business or among friends.

      The storage limit for the free accounts is 1GB, which is plenty if you mostly exchange text documents or spreadsheets. Paid accounts start at $7.95 a month and include more advanced features, including 5GB of storage, a versioning system, mobile access, and 24/7 phone support.

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    • Of course, mobile uploads to YouTube have been on the rise for many months already as more video-capable phones become available on the market. As recounted by Music Ally, mobile uploads have increased by 1,700 percent in the last six months, but the launch of the iPhone 3GS has made a noticeable contribution to that growth. No doubt some of that 400 percent is due to users merely testing out the features on their new iPhones, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see many 3GS users continuing to upload videos even after the shininess wears off.

      In our review of the iPhone 3GS, we pointed out that the videos are easy to edit and are of decent, viewable quality even in low-light situations. Have you been testing out the video uploads with your 3GS? What do you think, and have you embarrassed any of your friends or significant others yet?

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