My daily readings 05/26/2009

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    • 施罗德:在我的印象里,巴菲特是个非常专注的人,不管做什么事情,他会排除干扰把自己全身心地投入在这件事情之上,无论是做生意还是和别人交谈,他都非常专注。我在华尔街工作过很久,从来没有看到任何一个人像他这么专注。当他买美国运通股票的时候,当他在投资于一个房地产股票的时候,当他在买韩国股票的时候,都很难描述他的专注程度。因为他早上来上班,然后晚上睡觉之前都在想这些东西。我认为像他这么关注的人,如果把这些精力用于唯一的任务再不成功是不可能的。他有一次跟我说,“强度”是卓越的代价。你的专注不是为了获得财富、名声,如果你是碰运气,如果偶尔一次碰对那是有用的。但这是没有用的,你要变富,要成为行业里面的第一名,你要通过专注才可以完成。
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    •   尽管用户数量已经从一年前的160万增加到3210万,但Twitter仅有45名员工,今年1月份时为21人。大部分员工都致力于维护业务,迫使Twitter在管理增长和产品功能之间进行权衡。
    •  Gartner分析师艾伦·维纳(Allen Weiner)称:“Twitte目前还没有足够的营收来平衡成本。”在上周五的采访中,威廉姆斯承认,较小的公司规模和快速的业务发展已经限制了Twitte。


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    • Somewhat unrelated to this post, but I’m finding the debate over web vs. native mobile apps to be very interesting.

      I’m a huge proponent of web apps for desktop apps. Most software is simple enough to work well in a browser and you can’t beat being able to use the same app on any computer without ever installing or upgrading. This advantage seems to disappear on mobile phones though. I carry my phone everywhere I go, so portability isn’t really an issue. Most phone platforms provide an easy way to install and keep your apps up-to-date, so that concern fades away too. Most importantly though, I see native mobile apps having a much better user experience than web apps (regardless of whether or not the webapp was written for a mobile platform). On the desktop, I can keep a web app loaded and running all day. That seems a lot harder to do on a phone.

      Palm is unveiling their webapp based phone soon. Google says it wants to make more apps using HTML 5. It will be interesting to see how these strategies pan out.

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