My daily readings 05/24/2009

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    • 吴洪声认为这件故障是凑巧因素引起的偶然事件,但也是必然会发生的。“因为DNS作为一个最基础的服务,没未被多少人熟知,大家对它的关注可以说是基本没有的。”他指出,目前Web防范措施已经比较完善,但基于DNS的防范依然很弱,易被黑客利用攻击。


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    • Yes, the use of the term sheep is mildly derogatory, but the general principle is sound: use motivational techniques that are appropriate to the level of developers you’re working with. If you have neophyte developers, herd them with maxims, guidelines and static rules. If you have experienced developers, rules are less useful. Instead, encourage them to race: engage in a little friendly competition and show off how good they are to their peers.
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