My daily readings 05/21/2009

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    • As big as it is, MocoSpace still has plenty of room to grow: the company estimates that as many as 30 to 40 million feature-phone owners are under age 30 and have access to data plans. In my conversation with Hall and Siegel, an edited version of which appears below, I asked about how the company optimizes social-networking services for feature phones, how the mobile advertising scene is evolving, and what sorts of new features might be coming down the road. (Don’t be too surprised if MocoSpace eventually gives in to fashion and builds a dedicated iPhone app—as the Apple device becomes more ubiquitous, Hall and Siegel say they want to keep serving the core audience of mobile-addicted young people.)
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    • 这就不难理解北京维旺明公司为何能在3G发牌的前夕,获得高原资本领投、法国VENTECH基金及中国宽带产业基金董事长田溯宁跟投的合计1000万美元第一轮投资。空中网获得诺基亚成长伙伴约680万美元的投资、宜搜逆市成功完成1200万美元的第三轮融资、拥有移动视频广告投放技术的丽景创意获得某国际控股投资集团先期2000万美元投资。而澳大利亚电信运营商澳洲电讯近日也宣布出资3.02亿澳元收购中国两家SP公司67%的股权。这些事件都说明风投在远离Web2.0,正积极布局中国3G产业。
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    •   欧泰罗认为,最终将有一款应用可以整合地图、短信、音乐、媒体和游戏,而这些都是诺基亚所关注的领域。他表示,该应用“将显示朋友的所在地,他们正在聆听的音乐并使用短信与对方联系。”

        欧泰罗还表示,诺基亚并没有停止对Ovi应用商店的投资。5月8日,该公司宣布正关闭开发“Ovi Share”的办公室,此举引发手机行业的诸多猜测,认为诺基亚将停止提供该服务。欧泰罗透露,Ovi Share将与诺基亚手机及部分网站进行整合。对于诺基亚而言,该功能允许用户拍照后将图片同时上传到类似Facebook或Flickr等社交网站。


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