My daily readings 05/13/2009

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    • A newly-written Quickie is a simple Post-it note, which is scribed on a sensitive pad that allows the computer to capture and store the written information. This is done using commercially available digital-pen hardware, which translates the movement of the pen on the surface of the paper sticky note into digital information. The data can be viewed at any time through the Quickie software, which stores the sticky notes as images and converts the hand-written notes into computer-understandable text using available handwriting recognition algorithms. 
    • TFOT has previously covered other innovative concepts developed at MIT – be sure to check out the article about the “MIT Lecture Browser” – a video and audio search tool that allows students to search for specific words in video lectures. You are also welcome to read about the “Audeo” neckband, a device that translates thoughts into speech by intercepting nerve signals.
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    • You’re probably thinking of Tesseract.

      I’ve actually been doing some work with various OCR tools the past few days. Tesseract and Ocropus didn’t work very well for me, but I don’t think mine is the intended use. I have a need to identify images that contain text (which could be on top of a complex background) and most OCR applications are better suited for reading scanned documents. So far GOCR has produced the best results for me.

      I found an article a couple weeks ago comparing a few OCR applications for scanning documents that someone might find interesting:

      OCR quality is heavily dependent on font type, font size and contrast, but for many typed documents Ocropus and Tesseract do a pretty decent job.

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