My daily readings 04/26/2009

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    • I had originally thought of this as his company, his work, his life. But now Lily and I were also paying a price. With Bill rarely home, I soon lost the time and energy to focus on my work. Left with no profession, and essentially no husband, I became frustrated and resentful. I found myself thinking that it might be easier if Lily and I lived alone, with no illusions about being able to depend on Bill. Fortunately we found a good therapist and held our marriage together, but it became clear that Bill just didn’t have the mental or physical energy to maintain much of a personal relationship. I knew he wanted me to be happy, but I couldn’t stop picking fights about his lack of time at home. I wanted him to succeed, but I hadn’t expected the company to so deeply invade our personal lives.
    • A CEO sells everyone. When he asks suppliers for better terms he’s also selling them on why they should do it. When he convinces a new hire to join a super-risky venture, he’s selling her on the potential the job offers. When he convinces me to stay married to him, he’s selling me on the better future we will have together.
    • By the same token, Bill fits another classic CEO profile: He has weak people-managing skills. When he’s driving that start-up train at top speed, all he sees is the urgency of reaching the depot. He expects his teammates to put their heads down and shovel coal, not slow things down with questions, discussions, or arguments. He is impatient with many personnel issues and doesn’t take the time to apply his sales skills to those situations.
    • From the day Bill started The Switch we knew something like this could happen–I kept saying that on any given day we could be millionaires or bankrupt. He didn’t choose to end the dream this way, but even he agrees that by the end it was sucking too much out of him for too little return. We’re better people, and a stronger family, for what we’ve been through. And that’s a good thing, because I’m betting that before too long, Bill will decide to do it all again.
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    • Most importantly, Android 1.5 now runs on the Linux kernel 2.6.27. The software will add an on-screen keyboard that works in both landscape and portrait viewing modes, support for the installation of 3rd party keyboards, a dictionary for user-defined words, new widgets for the home screen, video recording and playback capability, stereo Bluetooth support including an auto-pairing feature, as well as picture and video upload support for Picasa and YouTube.

      The Android browser will be updated with faster Webkit and Sqirrelfish engines, get copy and paste support, a search-within-the-page feature as well as a unified Go and Search box, among others. All new features are mentioned on Google’s Android pages. The “early look” SDK 1.5 can be downloaded here.

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    • During a conference call last week Eric Schmidt, Google CEO stated that he felt the Android had a chance for great success this year. Schmidt claimed that the open source strategy was gaining ground and hinted that the company would deliver future announcements.

      “There are announcements happening between now and the end of the year that are quite significant from operators and new hardware partners in the Android space, which I won’t preannounce except to say that they really do fulfill much of the vision that we laid out more than a year ago,” stated Schmidt during the call. “On the netbook side, there are a number of people who have actually taken Android and ported it over to netbook or netbook-similar devices.”

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    • Use The Network Effect: Web 2.0 World is people-centric and there are countless free ways of collaboration with people who may become your users, investors or team-mates. Social networks and social bookmarking sites likes Digg are the best places to find volunteers for testing your products or advertising your business for free. Listen to your customers and let their feedback shape your product.Try to develop a community around your web business and hire a community manager as soon as possible. Motivated fans will be the best and the cheapest marketing staff of your company. The network effect is the main reason why leading Internet companies got so big, so  fast.
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