My daily readings 03/05/2008

Business.view | Silence of the Sage |  Annotated

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The missive still contains plenty of goodies, including, in keeping with Mr
Buffett’s folksy personality, a couple of choice country-music lyrics. “I’ve
never gone to bed with an ugly woman, but I’ve sure woke up with a few”
(explaining a rare bad investment), for example, and “When the phone don’t ring,
you’ll know it’s me” (advising people not to offer him the chance to invest in
new ventures, turnarounds or auction-like sales).
    He offers interesting facts. For instance: to perform as well in this century as
    it did in the past one, the Dow Jones Industrial Average will have to rise to
    about 2,000,000 on December 31st 2099, up from below 13,000 today.
      The letter also contains a plausible prediction: in one of Berkshire’s main businesses, insurance underwriting, the “party is over. It is a certainty that insurance-industry profit margins, including ours, will fall significantly in 2008.”
      • Where can I find the letter – post by joel

      Google Code for Educators – Google: Cluster Computing and MapReduce

      tags: cluster, courses, mapreduce

      Fun With Prime Numbers

      tags: number, prime

      A cognitive analysis of tagging

      tags: tagging

        SitePoint Blogs » Table-Based Layout Is The Next Big Thing  Annotated

        tags: css

        For years now, enlightened designers who have embraced CSS layout have had to bend over backwards to produce complex designs that would have been trivial to produce using the HTML table-based layout techniques of the past.

        The lengths to which designers must go to produce, say, a simple three-column layout using CSS techniques are so extreme that many web designers simply give up on CSS and resort to HTML tables for their layout. The Tech Times #142 and #143 were devoted to this issue.

          Top Ten Legal Mistakes Made by Entrepreneurs — HBS Working Knowledge  Annotated

          tags: entrepreneurs

          Bagley’s teaching and research focus on legal aspects of entrepreneurship and corporate governance. Before coming to HBS in 2000, she taught at Stanford Business School, and prior to that she was a corporate securities partner in the San Francisco office of the law firm of Bingham McCutchen. She is author or coauthor of several textbooks, including the just-published second edition of The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Business Law.

            7 Habits of Highly Innovative People |

            tags: creativity, innovation, productivity

   » #34 – How to run a brainstorming meeting

            tags: brainstorm

   » The Book: Making things happen

            tags: books, to_read

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