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Birthday problem – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Social Annotation: Seamless Integration of Social Bookmarking, Web Highlighter, Sticky-Note & Clipping  Annotated

    The Current Pros and Cons List for SimpleDB | High Scalability

    Amazon SimpleDB 101 & Why It Matters – GigaOM

    Comet Daily » Blog Archive » The Future of Comet: Part 1, Comet Today

    Continuing Intermittent Incoherency » The Non-Relational DB Strikes Back!

    The Electrofriend: Amazon SimpleDB and CouchDB compared

    Teach Yourself Programming in Ten Years

    YouTube – Wii Controller for Virtual Reality

    Amazon removes the database scaling wall (Scripting News)  Annotated

    Further, the design of Amazon’s database is remarkably like the internal data structures of modern programming languages. Very much like a hash or a dictionary (what Perl and Python call these structures) or Frontier’s tables, but unlike them, you can have multiple values with the same name. In this way it’s like XML. I imagine all languages have had to accomodate this feature of XML (we did in Frontier), so they should all map pretty well on Amazon’s structure. This was gutsy, and I think smart. Permalink to this paragraph

    A Manila server would work fine for a few thousand sites, but after that it would bog down because the architecture couldn’t escape the confines of a single machine it was designed for in the 80s. (Before you say it’s obsolete, there still are a lot of apps for single machines. Perl, Python, JavaScript and Java share the same design philosophy.) Permalink to this paragraph

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