test 12/13/2007

Monsters of the Programming World

Where Are All the Qualified Programmers? » “Hello World” – The SlickEdit Developer Blog

Hacknot – To Those About to Hack  Annotated

“I can only take on one of you,” said the carpenter, “so I’m going to set you both a task and whichever of you completes it first, to my satisfaction, will be my new apprentice.” The carpenter continued. “My next project will require several lengthy pieces of timber which needst be cut from a tree that is straight and true, with no flaws or knots. I want you each to go forward into the forest and bring me back a tree that will meet my needs. Furthermore, you must return here before sunset. You may each use one horse from my stable and any tool you can find in that shed” he said, pointing to a dilapidated tool shed behind the stables.

    First OpenSocial Application Hacked Within 45 Minutes  Annotated

    A developer who goes by the alias “theharmonyguy” and describes himself as “just an amateur” claims to have compromised the RockYou OpenSocial application on Plaxo called emote (see the Plaxo blog for details on the application). Specifically, he claims to have added a number of emoticons to Plaxo VP Marketing John McCrea’s profile within 45 minutes of it launching.

      Good Math, Bad Math : Groups and Symmetry

      Stevey’s Blog Rants: Math For Programmers

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