My daily readings 04/18/2014

April 18, 2014
    • This is how it was always going to go.

      Dropbox’s core business is unsustainable, and they can’t compete long-term with rivals like Google and Apple.

      They’re flailing in all directions at the moment; pushing for the enterprise/government market with the appointment of Condoleezza Rice, now burning a load of money acquiring businesses offering tangential services, in the hope they can diversify their business model.

      It won’t work. Acquisitions like this never go to plan, and they are almost always a waste of money.

    • I agree and disagree; file sharing alone was never going to be “enough”. But even Search wasn’t enough for Google; it’s not wrong for companies to expand their offerings.

      In the case of Dropbox, they need to go head-to-head with the Drive/Docs/Apps provision coming from Google. They’re not as well-positioned to do that as they could be, and I’m not sure hackpad will be close to sufficient to get them there. But it’s certainly a step in the right direction; documents are moving off the hard drive entirely, and there’s no reason Dropbox can’t help with the move to the cloud by expanding their offerings with moves exactly like this one.

    • Agreed. I’m afraid, the famous quote about Dropbox from Steve Jobs about being a feature not a product is playing out. Dropbox doesn’t even own the commodity they sell (as far as I know). They sell you on storage, but you receive a syncing service, not storage.

      I like dropbox, don’t get me wrong, but they need to recognize the core value they brought to the table (and may still have) is better user experience design, not infrastructure. Simply offering more apps that are bound by the constraints of one’s Dropbox account seems profoundly myopic.

    • Actually, they’re buying good teams with products that compliment or extend their current offerings. Loom on the consumer side; Hackpad on the enterprise side.

      I don’t know their vision, but both of these make sense to me in many possible contexts other than “floundering.”

    • “Acquisitions like this never go to plan.” That kind of absolutism sounds silly to me.

      And my analysis of the situation is different. I see it as dropbox adding a services layer on top of the platform of storage they built. You already see other companies doing this — using the dropbox platform. If I’m dropbox, I see a lot of opportunity there.

    • The Dropbox ‘platform’ is razor-thin, and their core offering is fast becoming a commodity.

      At the moment, their business model doesn’t extend much beyond brokering storage space. They are simply a middle-man between end users and Amazon S3, whose value add is some software that makes the process of storing and sharing files relatively pain-free.

      They’re good at what they do, and their software is nice, but in the long-run, there isn’t much money in what they do.

      Diversification is the obvious course of action, but it pits them against major players like Apple, Google, and Microsoft. All of these could probably afford to offer unlimited storage to all their users tomorrow, and if they got the software right, could render Dropbox redundant.

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My daily readings 04/14/2014

April 14, 2014

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My daily readings 04/03/2014

April 3, 2014

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My daily readings 03/28/2014

March 28, 2014

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My daily readings 03/24/2014

March 24, 2014
  • tags: tesla founder

      • People could have done all these stuff but his greatness is because he was ready to work hours and hours to achieve his dream . Most people would have quit in his place.Reasons-
        • Almost screwed PayPal (Windows doesn’t scale according to Max Levchin) – got ousted as CEO during the Sydney Olympics ($10mn burn month on month).
        • Ousted Tesla founders (Reasons are muddled on both sides)
        • Messy public divorce and another quiet private divorce
        • Tesla almost died (2008)
        • SpaceX almost died (2008: Falcon 1; 4 Failures)
        • And of course he went broke (2010 – Cash not assets)
    • Most people have motivation to start a company and make money.He is till date the only business man who want to work for changing the face of humanity.He vision of SpaceX is to have Space Colonization(who in the wildest dream would work on a project which would most like fail and no-one in the world ready to back him,so he pumps all his saving of paypal+Zip2 into a company which would most likely fail).Secondly, When Tesla motors came out with its Tesla Roadster in 2007/8 all major car companies pushed and brought out their own car electric car.His goal with Tesla is to work until more than 50% of the cars produced is not electric

      Its extremely hard to find people who change the world for the benefit of the future

  • tags: tesla founder

  • tags: tesla founder

    • The success story of Elon Musk is built on these two simple facts,

      1. He knows what he wants (yes, amazing clarity of thought)
      2. He has a strong desire to achieve what he wants (Desire drives him to work 100 hours / week)

      I would say these two underlying qualities are his success secrets. Infact, all successful men in history have these two qualities in common.

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My daily readings 03/22/2014

March 22, 2014
    • The statement cited four court orders as the basis for blocking the site, where some users in recent weeks have posted voice recordings and documents purportedly showing evidence of corruption among Erdoğan’s inner circle. It said that action had been taken against Twitter as a “protection measure”.
    • “Because there was no other choice, access to Twitter was blocked in line with court decisions to avoid the possible future victimisation of citizens,” it said.

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My daily readings 03/12/2014

March 12, 2014

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My daily readings 03/04/2014

March 4, 2014

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My daily readings 02/24/2014

February 24, 2014
  • tags: strategy founder

    • Tesla focused first on perfecting its electric powertrain.  Once that was perfect, Tesla fitted it into a Lotus Elise.  While we’d say the Elise is stylish, Tesla didn’t waste time designing it.  Instead, Tesla focused on advancing its core electric technology as Roadster sales helped to keep the automaker afloat.
      • mvp strategy
  • “Tesla Motors vs. up and comer Fisker Automotives? Which is better to invest in?”

    tags: strategy Competition

    • Tesla is a pure EV. Fisker is a hybrid.

      Tesla builds their own cars; Fisker partly outsources.

      Tesla owns their own dealer network; Fisker leverage existing auto dealers.

      In other words, they have completely different strategies, different strengths and weaknesses, and world views. It is unclear whether both can be successful, which is part of why it is exciting to follow both.

      • Founder is the key.

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My daily readings 02/19/2014

February 19, 2014
    • The gathering mode can be started from the clipper’s menu. You start the gathering mode and give your session a name. After that all new Items from the clipper will automatically be saved into the given Memonic Set. This is a great way to research around a topic.


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